Riverbridge House opened for business in September 2010 offering 50 high quality, serviced, Air conditioned fully furnished offices on flexible terms, the premises are 18000 sq. ft. in total.
We offer tailored office solutions and our clients can design their own internal space to suit their needs. All the offices are furnished to the highest standards and rents are fully inclusive of air conditioning, business rates, water rates, electricity, lighting, cleaning, building insurance and maintenance. Our clients expect and receive first class service on all levels. To this end we required from the outset contractors who could work with us to ensure consistency and reliability.

We believe good customer service is all about consistency and trustworthiness. It’s one thing to deliver good service to a customer once, but quite another to achieve this with regular consistency as Tech Refrigeration Services Ltd do.
We do not pay them a retainer but their ability to jump to assist us in the management and service of our Air-conditioning and Lonely air supply systems in a crisis can almost always be relied upon. Their knowledge of our building gleaned over the years means that in some instances a quick telephone call to them can save much valuable time in solving issues. This knowledge enables us to plan projects with the knowledge that we are not going to miss vital items at our expense.

Their rigorous attention to detail ensures that we can always rely on them to attend on time and deal with any faults we have with efficiency. Their engineers are always polite, smartly attired and we can leave them to attend to our client’s issues within their offices without any need to feel anxious or troubled.
Their back-office systems ensure that they book time appropriately and invoicing is precise. This enables us to effectively manage our costs.

We trust them implicitly to the point that they hold access material to our premises enabling them to attend to our needs out of office hours when necessary.

Tech Refrigeration Services Ltd have been catering to our needs consistently.. We are not the easiest of customers as our complex requirements and our insistence in giving our clients an unrivalled level of service means that we expect exceptional service from our contractors. Many fail us but not Tech Refrigeration Services Ltd.
We have recommended them on many occasions and would not hesitate for an instant in doing so again.